Monday, September 12, 2016

I do not care about being number one as long as I am getting money - B-Red

HKN singer, B-Red, who is a cousin and label mate to Davido, has revealed that he has no qualms playing second fiddle to the 'Skelewu' crooner.

B-Red, who has been criticized for not living up to expectation made this known in an interview

He said, “In every group, you have a leader and I do not care about being number one as long as I am doing good, getting money and doing shows."

"Davido is number one and we follow but you never know, probably I’ll be as big as he is. If your cousin is a star, won’t you want to be a star too?"

"I built my brand by hyping my cousin for four years and look at where I am now.”

Concerning his career growth, the singer thinks he has been making good progress, as a result sees no need to rush himself.

According to him,

“Knowing that God has a plan for everybody, I am comfortable with the unhurried pace."

"There was a time I didn’t have a car or a Rolex, but look at me now. Every year, I grow and I will get bigger, so I am not in a rush. I am okay and content.”

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