Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jay Jay Okocha disguises himself as 'lowly' cleaner in Lagos and shocks everyone (PHOTOS)

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Nigerian football legend Austin 'Jay-Jay' Okocha pulled a never seen before surprise at the Copa Coca-Cola Nigeria 2016 finals.

He decided to inspire Nigeria's next generation of footballers, so he disguised himself as a lowly janitor, moving trash around, mingling with the students, giving them pep talks and even warming up with them but they still didn't recognise him!

The students must have been wondering who this pot bellied, bearded gray-bearded 'baba' was that was displaying some serious skills in their midst but it never occurred to them that it was JJ Okocha himself.

He unveiled himself as the match was about to kick off at Onikan stadium, Lagos and the students went gaga!!

See the fun photos and exciting video after the cut. I smiled throughout

even with these mad skills, they didn't recognise him

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