Friday, September 16, 2016

Paris Jackson Begs Cyberbullies To Give Her A Breathing Space

In an emotional video,Michael Jackson's only daughter broke down in tears as she addressed cyber bullies, asking why there's "so much hatred in the world right now."

She said the amount of hatred directed towards her recently are unwarranted and are exactly what made her attempt suicide four years ago.

She continued :
"I mean we're human beings man, we got hearts, and brains and feelings," she pleaded. " When you say damaging things like that to people it f*cks them up." "It's exhausting."

Following her suicide attempt 4 years ago, she quit social media, however, after fans asked her to return to social media make her Instagram page private, she returned.

She got a lot of support from her emotional cry for help but also got few backlash from cyber bullies. Which made her post:

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