Friday, September 16, 2016

Singer Lami Philips Shares A Video Of Her Bonding Moments With Her Fans

Following the birth of her second daughter, singer Lami Phillips took to her Instagram to share a cute video of her first moments with her fans.

In the video, the mother of two opened up on the benefits of breastfeeding and why she is an advocate of  'BMILK.'

See the video below 
#sunshine .. Like the rest of the fam loves food! I'm a huge huge advocate of #breastfeeding and also what I call "boobiesinabottle" otherwise known as pump and feed. That stuff is liquid gold for babies. #bestie only had BMILK and had it for a year.. if God thought it fit to make it available to all mothers .. He must have had many great reasons for that! It's healthier and it promotes the most unique bonding experience with your child. For us.. #sunshine and i its out gisting time.. This is where a lot of magic happens 😂. As we transition from #LamiBun2016 to #LamiLiving I'm hoping to share my magical moments with you.. There'll be a page dedicated to this on the site where you get longer clips and articles.. I won't put it all up here so the site is the place to go! You'll also get the chance to interact and chat live with me and we can banter on life. First lesson .. As a mother.. Make the moments count.. You don't get a refund on your days.. Don't rush from task to task.. Pause and exhale with your baby .. Your family as often as you can.. 🖖🏽#LamiLiving ©™
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