Monday, October 31, 2016

3 things about yourself you should never change for your partner

There are no half measures in love. It's either you love someone or you don't.
Therefore when someone claims they love you, they should be ready to take you for what you are.

Here are the things you should never change for anyone.

Change your look
If someone ever falls in love with you and then asks you to change how you look, doesn’t it make you wonder why they fell in love with you at all?
Especially if you are in good shape, any physical modifications you make should be made because you desire them, not because somebody forces your hand.

As a matter of fact, you are meant to be loved for all of you, especially by someone who claims to love you.

Compromise your passions
They are meant to support you and give you the ‘ginger’ you need to further become a better person at the thing that delights you.

Absolutely no one should get in the way of your goals.

Change who you are
If you are a good person, and you are convinced of it that you are pretty amazing in deed, then you should never let any man, or anyone for that matter, change the goodness of your heart.

If anyone is interested in making you break the law, or to make you involved in terrible vices you swore never to engage in, then you should be unequivocal in your rejection of that move.

No matter how deep in love you ever get, never let anyone darken the goodness of your heart. No.

(Source: PulseNG)

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