Friday, October 7, 2016

5 Signs Of A Man Who Might Never Walk Out Of A Marriage

The best thing about marriage is the feeling and the thought that you have someone who would love you, care for you and always be by your side for the rest of your life.

Below are 5 signs that show your man has no plans to leave you

He’s attentive to little things
This is a big thing with women. A man’s commitment is often judged by the amount of little things he pays attention to.

The ‘inconsequential’ things he remembers. Given how careless and sloppy most men are, one who takes seriously little things that matter to you, should be kept close.

He does not shy away from problems
No real man runs out when things get rough. So, when you come across one that keeps a calm head, and handles your relationship problems with maturity, he might be worth considering as a long-term prospect.

Marriages and other relationships of lifetime commitments are usually tested by misunderstandings and arguments. Having a man who knows how to handle these situations is indeed a blessing. If you find one, don’t toss him away too easily.

He wants you to feel good about yourself always
Every good man who is worth spending an eternity with knows that women are quite moody, and might go through five moods before the end f every 24 hours. In your lowest of lows, this guy sees only the best in you. He understands every phase, or tries very hard to, and treats you appropriately at all times, regardless of how irrational or unreasonable you act at times.

He personalises your problems
Whatever bothers you, bothers him. Your problems are his problems and he tries everything in his capacity to help you fix your difficulties, and when that is impossible, he helps you get through them will as little pain as possible.

He doesn’t hold your mistakes against you
He laughs off the little, silly mistakes you make. Even when you really offend him, he does not hold it against you for long [or at all]. He may be caring and sensitive, but he’ll never make you feel bad for unintentionally hurting his feelings.

On the flipside, though, guys that fall in this category feel terrible for doing anything that hurts you, and such mistake of theirs will weigh heavy on their shoulders for a long while, even after they might have been forgiven.

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