Saturday, October 8, 2016

6 Ways To Love Yourself

The media all too easily discourages women, tricking us into thinking we need to look a certain way to be "beautiful". If we don't look like or live up to the standards portrayed on television or the Internet, it's easy to believe no one will ever love us the way we are.

That just isn't true.

These demons that come and torture you with thoughts of not feeling beautiful are telling you lies. Don't let these thoughts control your life and how you feel about yourself. For the days you don't feel beautiful, remember these things and focus on loving yourself for who you are:

Do something nice for yourself
To wade off derogatory thoughts, do something nice for yourself. Go somewhere and do something that makes you happy. Once you're distracted, negative thoughts disappear. One day, they'll be gone altogether and they'll never return. Focusing your attention on something other than your body image will help you to think much healthier thoughts and help you realize you are in charge of your own happiness.

Focus on your accomplishments, not the way you look
Think about those days when you accomplished something that meant a lot to you. Revel in your accomplishments. Make a list of new goals and achieve them. Focusing on something other than your appearance gives you no time to dwell on hurtful thoughts. You will also remember that enjoying life isn't about the way you look. Who you are and what you've done matters so much more than your appearance.

Embrace your flaws - they make you unique
Everyone has flaws; and don't let yours tear you apart. If you focus on your flaws, you'll never see or understand your strengths, let alone use them. You are much stronger than you think you are. Your flaws are what make you unique and different from everyone else.

Want to know a secret? It's possible to turn your flaws into strengths. It may take a little time but learning to love your flaws turns them into powerful strengths. Live confidently with yourself and all your flaws and you'll become a much stronger person than you were before.

Focus on what you love about yourself
There may be things that aren't easy to love about yourself, but don't let them overshadow the many things you do love about you. Make a list of what you love about your body, your image, and who you are. Focus on that list when you get discouraged. You'll not only feel more beautiful, but you will be much more confident.

Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are
Don't allow people to define who you are. You have complete control of yourself and how you feel. Just like the Wemmick girl from Max Lucado's children's book You Are Special, the dots and the stars do not stick to her body because she loves herself just the way she is. She doesn't allow anyone define her, because she loves and appreciates who she is right now. You can do the same. Surrounding yourself with people who love you will help you see your beauty and worth.

Love yourself for the you you are now
While you will change over time, what matters is staying true to who you are. Don't let other people tell you who you should be. You don't need to change for anyone or anything but yourself. Loving yourself for who you are now will help you stay true.

Once your beauty and self-worth is independent of what people or the media tell you, no one can stop you from becoming truly beautiful and confident. Take the steps necessary to feel happy, positive and beautiful in your own skin.

(Credit: Callie Hansen)

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