Saturday, October 1, 2016

8 Reasons Why We Love Yoruba Weddings

Have you even lived if you haven’t attended a Yoruba Wedding?

Yoruba weddings are the absolute best! Even CNN got so curious and simply had to cover a Yoruba wedding. Nobody really knows what makes Yoruba weddings so awesome, what we do know is that they are super interesting and everyone should attend one in their lifetime.

Here are some of the things you will find at every true Yoruba wedding. Did we mention that you’d have more fun attending a Yoruba wedding than going to any club?

1. Yummy Yoruba demons
These are usually the Groom’s friends and they are always very handsome and well put together. Be careful though, don’t fall for their charm too easily.

2. Beautiful Ladies dressed in Aso Ebi.
These are usually the bride’s friends a.k.a  Aso Ebi girls. They are usually really glamorous in their beautifully sewn Aso Ebi styles.

3. A lot of gifts.
The bride gets a lot of goodies to start her new home with.

4. Food!
Variety like you’ve never seen it before!

5. Small Chops
Because, what’s a wedding without small chops?

6. Souvenirs
All sorts of souvenirs are usually shared at a Yoruba wedding. One of the best parts of the wedding tbh.

7. Lots of dancing.
From King Sunny Ade to Olamide performing at a yoruba just so people can dance away the evening Yoruba wedding is one wedding where individuals who can't dance would hate to be at. A yoruba wedding is incomplete without a dancing competition.

8. Money being sprayed.
You better attend the wedding with your dancing shoes on. Even in recession you would still get sprayed at a yoruba wedding. It is almost a sin not to be sprayed at a wedding.

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