Friday, October 14, 2016

9 Small Ways to Feel Less Lonely

Even if friends and family surround you, you can’t escape it. Everyone experiences loneliness – the worst type of emptiness. On days when your loneliness is about to consume you, try these 9 things that other fellow lonely people use to deal with those overwhelming feelings.

1. Meet people
If you feel like you don’t have anyone in your life, change that!

2. Focus on people
Volunteer somewhere and focus on someone other than yourself. This is sometimes the most powerful cure of loneliness

3. Be productive at work
It’s a way to feel useful and productive and like a worthy member of society. The feeling of accomplishment is at least a good temporary cure for loneliness.”

4. Take a look at yourself
Self analysis is key

5. Listen or watch something really interesting
There is something so satisfying about learning something educational.

6. Do yoga in the privacy of your home
Exercise releases those happy hormones that help you feel good, but when you’re drowning in loneliness, motivating yourself to go on a good run is nearly impossible. Yoga gets you lightly moving in the privacy of your own room.

7. Get off social media
Looking at gorgeous photos of your friends traveling the world or falling in love or always having fun only fuels those lonely feelings. Even if you know those are only shallow views of everyone’s life, it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. Set a goal to put your phone away for a few days and spend that time doing something you never get around to (like reading a book)!

8. Clean your room
It gets you moving, and somehow life just feels so much calmer when your room is beautifully organized.

9. Pick something you want to learn and take an online course

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