Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Because It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Here Are 6 Mind blowing Boob Facts

Boobs are awesome, and they come in beautiful shapes and sizes.

The major reason women have boobs is to feed babies. Boobs also look good in clothes, and they are great to stare at. Side eye at the men.

Because it’s Breast cancer awareness month, and no woman should ever h ave to go through such a horrifying experience, we decided to celebrate boobs and share some awesome facts about them.

Ladies, remember to do your breast self-examination often and visit the doctor if you notice anything unusual.

1. Getting your breasts massaged may help prevent cancer by stimulating normal cell growth and reproduction.
Your partner might actually be saving your life by squeezing your breasts.

2. All breasts are going to sag.
Valhar breasticles- All breasts must sag. There’s absolutely nothing you can do stop the process, except embrace your beautiful mammary glands and love them however they look.

3. Men have nipples because all fetuses start out as female.
Girl power!

4. No two breasts are equal, and statistically, the left breast is usually bigger.
Don’t freak out if you notice that one boob is slightly larger than the other.

5. Your boobs change sizes throughout your life.
One of the good things about getting periods is that the boobs increase slightly, and look fuller.

6. Men can breastfeed too!
According to Jennie Ann Freiman, “They have the proper equipment and just need some consistent stimulation (suckling), in the range of a few weeks, to get the milk flowing.” We are just as surprised as you are!

(Source: OMG)

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