Friday, October 14, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo accused of engineering a fake relationship with Desire Cordero

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Spanish daily Sport have questioned whether Cristiano Ronaldo is a little bit of a liar.

The paper have shone a light on rumours that the Real Madrid star has begun dating a former Miss Spain, Desire Cordero.

The rumour began swirling around a few weeks ago after the news was broken by Spanish magazine Corazón Czn.

Sport, citing nameless sources from Portugal, have thrown doubt on the relationship, believing the connection has “little to do with the emotional level” of the couple:

In a classic conspiracy theory, it’s suggested that Ronaldo’s image consultants are eager for the footballer to be perceived as having a partner. In short, it’s better for business.

In a sly line, Sport say: Having a girlfriend conveys the idea that the player is in love with someone who is not himself, and that benefits his image. In conclusion, Cristiano’s accompanied by a woman who only sells.

The paper add that such a relationship also benefits the girl – i.e. Desire Cordero – as they have their profile raised.

Source: Sport

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