Friday, October 7, 2016

Google Nigeria launch Youtube app for kids

Like most Nigerian parents, you love helping your kids learn new things about the world.

For instance, you spend a lot of time with them on YouTube, watching videos that interest them, skipping videos not meant for their age, just to explore the sing along songs on HooplaKidz, Sesame Street, history and science channels.

The fun is catching, but your alertness is important!
With the newly introduced YouTube Kids app now available for download in Nigeria, your kids can enjoy more videos on every topic in the world; protected from adult-type content while you do other things.

This one’s bright and beautiful!
Coming in a bright and playful design, an easy to use interface, YouTube Kids has several family-
friendly videos on every topic in the universe. So your kid can browse so many channels and playlists in four categories: Show, Music, Learning and Explore.

The Parental Controls helps you control the kid’s experience, without meddling in the fun.

Learn how the app works:
 From the moment you open YouTube Kids, you learn how the system chooses and recommends content for viewing, how to flag content (that you think might not be right for kids). You know some content would pass the inspection, so if you find a system you’re concerned about, please flag it. It only helps make YouTube video better for all).

Search settings: you can determine how much exploring you want your kids to do. You can turn on the search or limit your child’s experience by turning it off. On or off, you’re in charge.
Timer: The timer feature on YouTube Kids alerts your kids when time is up, by limiting screen time.

Sound Settings:  Allows you to turn off the sounds, so you can catch your breath while your kid watches in peace.

Pass Code: is just what it is – no sneaking around watching when I’m not there. The app is also a logged-out experience – which means that once you download it from.

Logged out experience: Enjoy the fun—no sign-in hassles. Features like uploading, sharing, liking etc. linked to accounts have been removed.

YouTube Kids is now available for download in Nigeria on Google Play and App Store for free!

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