Thursday, October 13, 2016

OAP Do2dtun and designer Toju Foyeh blast Arik Air

They both called out the airline this week with Toju Foyeh sharing her displeasure four days ago while Do2dtun vented about the airline yesterday.

Toju Foye wrote:

I usually don’t do this but I’m PISSED to the MAX!!! This pathetic excuse of an airline @flyarikair needs to be put on blast for the world to know the unprofessional and mediocre service they are operating. My advice is, if you @flyarikair cannot operate a decent service especially on an international flight it is better to CLOSE SHOP, than take our hard earned money in return for outright stupidity, that is THEFT!!!!! Flight for Accra was meant to leave at 7.20, after being treated as hungry refugees and hurried to check in, the unprofessional staff at check in had the audacity to hold on to my ticket and passport until I paid for excess luggage of 6kg!!! I was confused and frustrated, I got to the ticket office only to find out my passport and ticket were being withheld for a mere N6,000!!!! Are you kidding me???? The ticket to Ghana costs N135,000 and you withhold and international passport for about 5% of the cost of a ticket??? Are you that hungry and desperate for cash? If so…CLOSE SHOP

Moving on, finally checked in only to find out the plane wasn’t even on ground….so what exactly was the fuss about??? After waiting for an hour the plane finally arrives….no apology…why would they apologise?? After all we are Nigerians right? We don’t deserve any form of courtesy??? You take what you get? No Arik…CLOSE SHOP.

After arriving in Accra, to my surprise our suitcases did not arrive….please let me explain…NO SUITCASES were boarded on the flight….so about 50 passengers and NO SUITCASE on the conveyor belt??? Once again….no apology? Because we are animals right??? Tired and frustrated, we all left the airport on the promise that out suitcases will arrive on the 5pm flight…..can you guess what happened next??????? Our suitcases STILL not here…we are told it MAY be on the next flight or tomorrow morning????? You pathetic @flyarikair still have no form of decency to even apologise or find a solution.

In my opinion your pathetic excuse of an airline @flyarikair needs to SHUT DOWN, you are HIGHLY INCOMPETENT! I don’t want an apology just give me my suitcases in ONE PIECE! Will NEVER fly this airline again, in my opinion #boycottarikair

Do2dtun wrote:

Ah! @flyarikair please give it up! Why I kept my cool until you did this today. I checked in my bag in Lagos to come to London and my wristwatch, bling Danshiki and Perfume were stolen. No issues, i kept my cool.

Delayed the flight into London for 2 straight hours, I no talk.
I paid for a Business class ticket but you didn’t think it was right to apologize when you changed the plane to a Boeing rubbish caravan that had no Entertainment system, had a bad announcer, chairs with no bed rest, no refunds etc .. I still no talk o!

Now to come back to my work without any issues, you cancelled the flight and think giving me a free ticket will sort it out. I have to be on the radio (work) & also host a show tomorrow in Lagos paid for, how the hell am I going to do it with these unfair s*** you call a service. I can’t believe it. Is it by force to do International. I don’t rant about things like this but this is absolutely taking a piss to the highest level. Give it up, KOLE WERK!!! .. me sef no get sense, I for just fly another airline jeje o! National Carrier disgracing us up and down… I am in deep s*** cos I already signed a contract and office sef no play at all. Olohun! all the ARIK in our destiny, please remove it. Awon alakoba iranu

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