Monday, October 3, 2016

The only thing a Nigerian can be thankful for at this time is the gift of life - Charly Boy

In a chat with Punch, the veteran musician expressed his disappointment in the citizens of Nigeria and not the leadership as the majority of us are wont to do.

Charly Boy noted that there was nothing to celebrate apart from the gift of life which is God's doing and has nothing to do with Nigeria or Nigerians.

“What are we celebrating? The only thing a Nigerian can be thankful for at this time is the gift of life. All that is happening to us is our fault.

“Every time we put the blame on the leaders, what about the followers? "These leaders are not from Ghana or Togo; they are from among us. If we don’t look like them, we should have resisted the policies that put us in this kind of hopelessness and frustration.

“But it is because we look like them, somehow we have the same mindset and we are waiting for our own turn to embezzle when the opportunity comes, that is why this situation is never going to change.

“Mark my words; it is going to get worse before it gets better. If the masses have become sheep, why are you blaming the leaders for being wolves?"

Charly Boy blasted the Nigerian citizenry for it's docile and corrupt attitude towards leadership as the present leaders were chosen from the masses.

He went on to say, “The president keeps saying he is fighting corruption; maybe it is true that he is fighting corruption but he is the only one shouting the propaganda. I don’t see his ministers and cabinet members say the same thing.

“Do they believe in that? They are fighting corruption; are they saying that they have not been able to prosecute and imprison one corrupt person so far? After one year?

“Do we want to be deceived all our lives? It is not about Buhari or Goodluck, what about us? We are very bad people and until we change, things would not get better. The change is not going to come from above or from Buhari, it would come when we change the way we think and hold our leaders accountable for all the wrongs they have done.

“Until we are ready for that, then nothing would change because these people know that poverty has messed up the way we think. There is nothing to celebrate except for us being alive and for that, say thank God. But for how long would we do this?”

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