Saturday, November 26, 2016

12 things you need to do every day if you want to love your life

It actually doesn't take much effort to build a life that you love. Here are a few simple tricks to make your life as amazing as you are:

1. Find the daily Disneyland
If you were going to Disneyland today, it would be easy to get out of bed and get going. But since you can't go to the happiest place on earth every day, you need to find something else that will make you excited every morning. If your daily to-do list doesn't include something you're excited for, plan something! Decide to listen to your favorite song on repeat, take a walk during your lunch break or eat cookies for breakfast.

2. Bring a sweater
Especially if you are prone to feeling cold. Someone will always turn up the AC or a warm evening can always turn brisk and chilly. Stop gambling with discomfort and grab a sweater whenever you're going out.

3. Set your morning alarm to a pumpin' song
"BEEEEEEP!" is no way to start a great day. You need to feel great about life from the moment you join consciousness. Set your alarm clock to a song that will get you jazzed about waking up.

4. Set a get-ready-for-bed alarm
Give yourself proper time to unwind at the end of the day. You will sleep better if you prepare your mind and body to rest. Just like you set an alarm every morning in order to have enough time to get ready, set an alarm so you have enough time to prepare for the end of the day. This will also help you get to bed on time, which, in turn, will give you enough sleep and make you happy.

5. Learn something
Discovery is one of the joys of being alive. You can learn something neat about a co-worker or a fact of historical significance.

6. Make someone's day
Each and every day, set a goal to make someone else's day. You can do this by letting a stranger cut you in line or by sending a friendly text to tell someone how much they mean to you. Simple acts like this can make all the difference in a fellow human's life.

7. Sit in silence
Don't speak. Don't listen to your jams. Don't respond to your phone. Every day, take a moment to meditate. Talk to God, talk to yourself or don't talk to anyone at all. Clearing your mind and re-centering yourself is liberating.

8. Make your bed
The difference a neat bed can make is astounding. The bed is generally the focal point of any bedroom. This means that even if you have dirty clothes scattered every which way across the room, making your bed neat will give you a sense of relief instead of stress when you enter your room.

9. Walk outside
Get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spend in the great outdoors, prioritize in your life. It will give you a sunnier outlook on life (even if you go outside when there's no sun).

10. Write a gratitude list
When life is chaotic, it's easy to forget the positives in your life. Jotting down a list of things you're grateful for can completely turn your attitude around.

11. Say "I love you"
You will be happier when you take time to express your love to those important individuals in your life. Make sure you express your love daily.

12. Indulge in food that makes you happy
Banning foods you love from your diet only breeds dissatisfaction. Live the 80/20 rule in which you eat healthy food 80 percent of the time and indulge in your favorite treats the other 20 percent. But at the same time, who says your 80 percent of healthy food can't be delicious as well?

(Credit: Fiber One)

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