Thursday, November 10, 2016

4 Texting tips to use to keep a man interested

Are you ready to keep the ball in your court with the new guy you’re dating? Take charge of your budding relationship and lead with these sassy (and funny) texting tips!

1. “Who is this?” Always completely throws them off their game. You can follow up once they tell you who they are with a quick apology about a new phone, but the power will have already shifted — to you!

2. “Sorry, bad cell service. Call you tomorrow.” Pull this out in the initial major game playing stages, or punishment for bad behavior. It will invoke major curiosity as to where you are and who you are with that is so important, you can’t go somewhere with reception. And then don’t call — trust us, he will.

3. “Cool.” Use as an answer to an invitation he seems to be excited about. If he writes, “I want to take you to a nice dinner tomorrow night,” you can just be savvy and aloof and reply “Cool.”

4. “Good to hear from you!” Use this as a CLOSING line with the guy who took too long to write. And mean it — no sarcasm!

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