Friday, November 18, 2016

Check Out This Home Remedies On How To Deal With Menstraul Pain Like A Boss

We've all been there with our free baby reminders from the uterus every month, and our drug-lord style stashes of painkillers to curb the nightmarish ordeal.

Menstrual cramps are the worst, and we'd readily pay a fortune if we could get rid of them altogether. But before it comes to that, here are some accessible and easy home remedies you can use to relieve yourself from the shitstorm that is period cramps.

Hot water bag
The nifty little magical device that mom always kept handy can be a lifesaver when it comes to comforting your body. In case you don't have a hot water bag around, use a hot towel for temporary relief and rush to buy one as soon as you feel better.

Not only does an orgasm help relieve cramps, it is also a natural (and intensely fun) painkiller for most muscle pains. The uterus muscles relax during intercourse, and climax increases blood flow which helps relieve cramps significantly. So, sex can be more than just recreational now.

Cut caffeine
If you can't go cold turkey on coffee during your period, try reducing your intake for the days when you just can't take the pain. Caffeine constricts blood vessels, and can cause the uterus to tighten, adding to the pain you may be suffering.

Green tea
If you can't fight the urge of sipping from a cozy cup, try green tea as an alternative. You can also try chamomile, fennel, or jasmine if you want a warm, relaxing spin on your evening cuppa. Not only will this help relieve cramps, green tea also helps ease your nerves and release stress from your agonising day.

Lavender oil
A soothing massage with lavender essential oil, which is safe to use on your skin, can do wonders to your aching abdomen. Mix a few drops of lavender oil to a teaspoon of almond oil and massage it on your abdomen in circular motions.

Hot bath/shower
Sometimes a hot soak is all it takes to do the trick. If you want to add a zing and take relaxation to the next level, add epsom salts, lavender oil, peppermint oil, or ginger extracts, and thank us after waking up from a pain-free good night's sleep. If you don't have access to a bathtub, rub some almond oil (with a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil added to it) on your abdomen and take the hottest shower you can indulge yourself in.

Magic fruit papaya contains enzymes that help in regulating your menstrual flow and ease the pain. Apart from helping with the pain during your period, papaya may be able to make cramps a thing of the past if you have it regularly before your period starts.

Aloe vera and honey
The two anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory natural miracle remedies together can help cure almost anything including period cramps. Make a mixture of some fresh or bottled diluted aloe vera juice with some honey added to it, and sip it throughout the day whenever sporadic cramps bother you.

The go-to natural remedy for most problems is to keep yourself well hydrated. Keep cleaning out your toxins with lukewarm water through the day and include water based foods in your diet such as cucumber, watermelon, and celery. Not only will this make you feel lighter and help relieve the pain, it will also help you feel rejuvenated.

One of the best tried and tested cures for cramps is the age old magic herb - ginger. Grate half a ginger and boil it in water long enough to transfer all its pungent goodness into the solution. Strain and add honey to the solution if need be, and sip regularly to rid yourself of those cramp monsters.

(Source: Arushi Kapoor)

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