Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Disabled Barcelona fan goes to games in a baby’s pram as the club bans wheelchairs

Disabled Barcelona fan goes to games in a babys pram as the club bans wheelchairs [El Periodico]

Spanish daily El Periodico have published a letter from a Barcelona fan this week, which calls out the Catalan club for not accommodating a disabled supporter.

According to the fan, named Boris Tosas, he’s been forced to go to the Camp Nou in a baby’s pram after the club started stopping him going to games in his wheelchair.

As proof, Boris Tosas included a disturbing picture of himself cramped in a stroller from the Champions League match between Barca and Man City from October 19.

According to Tosas, he’s now facing problems at the Camp Nou due to new relegations imposed by the club this year which has stopped him going into the ground in a wheelchair.

Boris Tosas is a season ticket holder in the third tier of the Camp Nou. He’s been going to games consistently for the past 10 years.

He alleges that he received now communication from the club about the new changes of rules regarding wheelchair access, while he said he only discovered the problem at the start of the season when he went to see the Alaves game.

Source: El Periodico

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