Thursday, November 17, 2016

Important Qualities You Should Be Looking For In A Man

Some guys are more compatible than others. Every guy is different, each with their own unique quirks. While not all guys are the same, there are eight important qualities you should be looking for in a man.

A guy with these seven qualities is sure to treat you right:

1. Faithfulness
You should, first and foremost, be the number one person in your husband’s life. A guy that is going to make you his first priority must be faithful. He must be able to show you that he is faithful and capable of loving you unconditionally. He must be faithful in his love, in his actions and in his words. Trust is an important factor here. A man who isn’t faithful isn’t worthy of your trust and therefore isn’t worthy at all.

2. Love for his mom
You can tell a lot about a man in the way he treats his mother. If he treats her with love and respect, he’s going to treat you the same. A man who loves his mother is sure to be admired. His love for her shows he is respectful, loving and caring of the women in his life. This love will only carry over to you in a greater capacity.

3. Self-confidence
A man who knows what he wants and is comfortable in his own skin exudes confidence. A confident man, not a prideful one, is very attractive. Whether he’s an introvert or extrovert, a guy with confidence is someone who won’t be held back by his shortcomings. He knows how to be strong and loving of himself, so he will be able to love you in a confident and bold way.

4. Honesty
Honesty is one of the most important qualities to look for in anyone. If you look for a guy who is honest, you can be sure in knowing he will be open and true with you. There will be room for communication in the relationship and he won’t keep secrets. An honest man is a good one who will treat you right.

5. He treats kids with love and kindness
Look at the way he treats children. If he plays with children in a loving and playful way, he’s the kind of guy you want to keep close. A man who little children look up to and love having around is the kind of man you want to be the father of your children. You know he’ll be able to love and cherish his own children their entire lives. His ability to love little children shows how much he can and will respect you for the child-rearing you will do as a mother.

6. Positivity
Some days are more negative than others. But a man who exudes positivity in nearly all he does is someone you want to be around. Positivity brings about peace and happiness. A guy with a positive or optimistic outlook on life is sure to be a light in your life. He will be able to help you to drive out the dark days. With a positive man at your side, you can work through trials together and make it through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

7. He puts down his phone
Living in an age with the world at your fingertips can be distracting. A guy who puts down his cell phone or puts it away when he’s with you is someone who cares about real, human interaction. It shows he’s willing to put you first. His time spent with you and others is more important than social interactions. If he puts his phone away, it’s a sure sign he’s serious about the time he spends with you.

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