Thursday, November 10, 2016

Las Palmas Striker To Be Jailed 9 Months For Refusing Alcohol Test

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A court in Gran Canaria, Spain has reached a ruling and has sentenced Boca Juniors-owned Las Palmas striker, Sergio Araujo to nine months in prison for refusing to be tested for alcohol consumption following a traffic violation.

The Argentine, who turned down a breathalyzer test, may not have to serve any time behind bars since the sentence is less than two years according to Spanish law.

The striker was also banned from driving for two years following the incident that occurred in the town of Ingenio on 26 September two days after he scored a late equaliser in a 2-2 home La Liga draw with Real Madrid.

Las Palmas president Miguel Angel Ramirez, has told Onda Cero in September that the club would stand by the Argentine even if he was convicted.

He said, “Sergio’s issue is non-sporting related and it will be the courts to determine if he has been negligent and the severity of the offense.

“If Araujo is found to have been negligent, we will open disciplinary proceedings for that but we are not going to hang him in the town square.

“We are not going to end our contractual agreement with him. We are not going to throw him out of the club.

“He is a valued member of this team and he knows that besides having to answer as any other citizen to the law, he will also have to be accountable to the club.

“We have internal regulations in the club that will be started.”

A court spokesperson said jail time was unlikely as the sentence is less than two years.

Araujo who is on loan from Boca Junior, scored 25 goals in 43 league appearances to help fire Las Palmas gain promotion to the La Liga 2014-15 season.

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