Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ronaldo’s latest hilarious modelling shot is a feast for trolls

Cristiano Ronaldos latest hilarious modelling shot is a feast for trolls

Life as a Cristiano Ronaldo fan isn’t always easy. You constantly have to battle Lionel Messi fans.

Your gang meets their gang at a certain time in a certain place. Then memes are flung like frisbees.

The battle is getting tougher for Ronaldo fans because their leader has been uploading some truly ridiculous modelling shots of late.

His latest one is arguably the worst of all. It sees him modelling a jacket in a compromising position. He’s only got underwear on about from the aforementioned garment.

His head is resting on a load of flowers and he has his eyes closed.

No matter how delusional you think he is, there is absolutely no way that Ronaldo doesn’t think these shots are ridiculous. It is not humanly possible to not find these ridiculous.

So he must be in on the joke.

One thing is for sure: A lot of people are going to see that jacket. 

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