Friday, November 25, 2016

Usain Bolt: I still run errands for my parents

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Legendary Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt said his dream to play for Manchester United is every much alive.

The world record runner also revealed that he still run errands for his parents.

The sprinter added that he lives his normal life and still walk around the streets of Jamaica alone.

The Olympic record breaker was speaking with Coach Magazine yesterday, where he noted that Jamaican people have been so great to him.

He said, “It has always been a dream of mine to play for Manchester United, and it still is a dream.

“I have not spoken with José about it, but I know he is the right coach for the job. Maybe this season we can’t win the title, but big players want to play for Mourinho and I expect more to arrive.

“When I won the Golds in Beijing , I thought: ‘This is what I’ve been waiting for’. In London, I was just thinking that I wanted to achieve that again.

“Then before Rio, when people were talking about the ‘Triple Treble’, I knew if I could achieve that, it would make me immortal: the greatest ever, never to be repeated, and I wanted that.

“The Jamaican people? They have been so great to me, but they still let me live. People don’t believe that I can walk around Kingston by myself – but I can.

“They say hello and ask for photos, but they let me live a normal life even though they are so proud of me and everything I have achieved.

“My family helped me stay grounded. I have never been ‘Usain Bolt the Superstar’ to them, I am always Usain Bolt their little boy.

“If I am home and my mom runs out of milk, she will send me down to the store to get some. My gold medals don’t count for anything, and that is the way I like it.”

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