Tuesday, December 13, 2016

6 Ways To Make Your Woman Ask For More

Here are some of the things you can try out in your intimate moments with your woman to make sure she can never have enough of you:

1. Set Up The Mood: If no one ever told you this yet, the truth is, your woman will love you more and enjoy herself more between the sheets if you set up the mood for her. Depending on what your woman likes and how she likes to be pleased, create the perfect ambience for her. You can make the lights dim and light up a few scented candles around the house. Fill up the bathtub and add some sensuous bath salts and a few rose petals in the water. Make sure the water is nice and warm and help your woman step in the tub with you. Sit with her, look her in the eye, tell her how beautiful she is and lean in to kiss her.To make the setting perfect, remember to add some music in the background, not too loud but yet something that she will be able to hear and enjoy.

2. Play With Her Clothes: Many men rip off the clothes of a woman and take her to bed instantly. If you are one of those people who feel this is the best way to please your woman, think again.There is a lot that you can do with the clothes that your woman is wearing. Instead of just removing them all out or forcing her out of her clothes, turn that act of removing clothes into an act of sensual pleasure for her. When you start taking off her clothes, make it slow and enticing. You can always use the time to build up her mood and give her a taste of what is to come. Your fingers should slowly brush her skin, and your lips should give her those pecks around the intimates, as she expects more of such acts while having sex. Play along with whatever she is wearing by taking out some of her clothes and leaving some on. If she is wearing a shirt and a bra underneath, slowly take off her shirt but keep the bra on. You can also use your teeth to open the buttons, and maybe give her a little bite around her stomach and nipples as you open her shirt. If you want to take off her bra, start by touching her over her bra and slowly and gently massage her nipples till you can feel them turning hard. Once you know she has turned on you can move over to removing the bra completely.Ease her out of her lower dress and leave the panty on. You can slowly tongue her from over the panty till you can hear her moaning and writhing with pleasure. You can continue using your tongue on her panty until she starts to get wet when you can move on to more foreplay, as we share in the point below.

3. Please Her With Foreplay: There is a reason that the word foreplay is involved with pleasing a woman. While a man will love to jump in and do it, a woman likes to enjoy the time she uses in foreplay. It will not only help to set her mood but will also prepare her body for sex, by lubricating itself and making her wet. As a result, she will feel less pain during intercourse and it will be more pleasurable for her when you finally do it. Remember that foreplay does not involve groping her too tightly or roughening her up. If that is something that both you and your woman enjoy, you can save it for the later part. For foreplay, try giving her a sensuous massage, tease her by stroking her breasts and massaging her nipples and hips. You can also touch her on her lady parts down there in between the massage to help her get wet and get ready for intercourse.

4. Go Down On Your Woman: Your partner may not always say it out loud, but once you go down on her the right way, she will enjoy it and want more and more of it.Make sure that you first try some foreplay on your woman and then give her the oral time. You should start slow and make use of both the tongue and the fingers.Your woman may like different things while you go down on her, so keep experimenting and seeing what makes her feel good.

5. Tease Her Into Sex: Instead of jumping into the act right away, tease her into the job so that she can enjoy it.Do not leave any gap between the time that you give her oral sex and the time that you start having sex.Once you start having sex, make sure you do not get rough and dirty immediately or go from start to finish immediately. Instead, keep it slow and prolong the act.After oral sex, she is almost at the point where she is ready to climax, start having sex but be slow. Once she gets in the mood, stop, and then start again. Keep repeating the same over and over again till she goes crazy and asks you for more and immediate sex.

6. Take Control: Women love when their partners dominate them, and it is a great way to turn on her. By being dominant, we do not mean that you forget what she wants and instead only do what you want.Instead, make sure that you keep her pleasures in mind and yet show her that you are taking control of her. Hold her firmly in your arms and turn her around as and when you want to play with whichever part of her body. Though you are firm and strong in your hold of her, do not hurt her in any way.While you take control, talk to her and give her instructions about what she should and should not do while you are the controlling one. For instance, you can keep telling her to moan louder as you can see her reaching her climax, but tell her that you will not allow her to hold your hands or use her hands when you want them.

Making love to your partner is an intensely personal experience, one in which you should both be considerate of each other’s feelings and needs. Make sure you talk to your partner and understand what the other needs.

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