Thursday, December 22, 2016

7 Ways You Can Stay Madly In love With Your Husband

Here are 7 ways you can be madly in love with your husband too.

1. Look at him
Slow down and really look at him each day. Let him catch you staring. Drop everything you're doing to give him a kiss. Watch him spend time with your children. See how hard he works for your family. Notice things he's doing right. Glance over things he's doing wrong. Study his features. Pay attention to the blessings he brings into your life. Gaze at him lovingly as he tucks your child into bed. Review your life together and imagine it without him. Peek into your future and see how incredible life is to come.

2. Listen to him
Be engaged when he tells you about his day. Take notice when he's frustrated. Listen when he tells you he needs space. Be attentive when he says he needs you more. Hear his voice as he reads to your toddler. Eavesdrop when he's discussing video games with your teenager. Take advice when he's giving it to you. Hang on his words when he tells you you're beautiful. Believe him when he expresses his love.

3. Fight with him
Don't be afraid to argue with your husband. Disagreements can lead to understanding. They can bring couples closer together. An occasional squabble doesn't mean your marriage is doomed. It's healthy and important for a strong marriage. Learn how to fight fair. Keep things civil and keep your voices down. Never let your arguments last long or become too intense. Don't forget, the most important part of fighting is making up.

4. Compliment him
Tell your husband specific things you love about him. Thank him for making the bed or taking out the trash. Praise him for handling an argument with your children. Commend him for working hard around the house. Show him admiration when he goes the extra mile at work or for a neighbor. Compliment his new shirt, haircut or shoes.

5. Confide in him
Your husband must be your ultimate confidant. Confess to him when you're feeling lonely, sad or distant from him. Admit when you're not happy or something is bothering you. Tell him your frustrations. Reveal your secrets to him. Let him in on your friends secrets. Opening up to your husband is crucial for happiness in marriage. Never be afraid to unload your innermost feelings on him.

6. Never give up on him
He may say something stupid and do something even stupider, but you must not give up on him. Walking away can't be an option. When you commit to marriage you commit to your partner 100%. You must be his most loyal companion. Be a staunch advocate for your husband to his face and behind his back.

7. Show him you love him
Hug him, kiss him and be intimate with him often. Learn his love language. Discover how your husband wants to be loved. Give him praise, gifts, touch or time. Make an effort every day to show your husband you still love him.

(Source: Familyshare)

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