Wednesday, December 7, 2016

8 Things That Make You Attractive

No time for a spa day? Looking better doesn’t have to take all afternoon – or cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you can uncover a more attractive you in as little as 10 minutes.

1. Stand up straight
Take a look at any red carpet event on TV and you won’t see a slouch in sight. That’s because celebrities know that when the cameras are on, good posture is their best friend. Standing up straight not only makes you look more confident, but, according to Women’s Health, it can also camouflage myriad “problem areas” from belly pooch to droopy breasts.

2. Get your clothes tailored
You’re likely not leaving your house dressed in a potato sack, but even clothing purchased in “your size” may not be doing you many favors. Chances are, you’re not going to find a custom fit straight off the rack, but spending 10 minutes being fitted by a tailor can take your look from so-so to svelte.

3. Take a walk
No time for a two-hour gym session? A quick afternoon walk may be all you need to instantly feel – and look – better. According to, research shows that daily walking can help you lose weight, tone up and even fight off the common cold. And that little boost of cardiovascular exercise will lend a youthful glow that lasts all afternoon.

4. Spray it on
If you thought attraction was all appearances, think again. If attractiveness is merely a spritz away, spray it on. But go easy; bathing in a scent will likely give you – and everyone else – a headache.

5. Trim (and trim some more)
If your beauty regimen doesn’t include trimming (or in some cases, mowing) the hair in your nose, ears and between your eyebrows, it’s time to reach for the trimmer. As you age, hair tends to spring up in the least desirable places, usually due to hormone changes. A quick swipe with a trimmer will give you back some confidence (and bare skin).

6. Swipe on concealer
Dark under eye circles are a tell-tale sign that you’ve been burning the midnight oil. But those unsightly bags might have more to do with genetics than your midnight oil-burning habits. Fair or thin skin under the eyes make under eye circles much more obvious. Combat the discoloration with a dab of concealer. And this tip isn’t just for females. Gentlemen, there’s a concealer for you, too.

7. Get some shut-eye
If droopy, tired eyes are undermining your look, you can do something about it. Got 10 minutes, a closed door and a soft spot to land? Take a quick power nap to help you feel – and look – refreshed.

8. Take a supplement
Wish looking better were as easy as popping a pill? Well, it might be. A good, immunity-boosting supplement can help you feel more energetic and revitalized – not to mention help prevent you from catching that office bug by giving your immune system the tools it needs to keep you safe

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