Monday, December 19, 2016

Blac Chyna's mum blasts troll who accused her of being a "gold digging mother"

Blac Chyna's mum, Tokyo Toni, put another non fan on blast after the fan accused her of not being there for Chyna before she became famous.

The non fan also advised Blac Chyna's mum not to meddle in Rob Kardashian and her daughter's on going fake/real drama. Read Tokyo's response after the cut...

This is what happens when you answered that Hollywood life! First of all whoever this is they gave you this information is totally in accurate. My child never wanted for anything and if you can find any one person that can back that statement up please call me at your earliest convenience 240-270-1664. My child has never went without anything. I sacrifice my tire life for my child. So wherever you got your information from please tell them to have one person to back of this accusation thank you!! I am the same person I've always been I've never changed and I never will. I also raised God children along the way that to this day they still recognize me is there godmother!! See this is what happens when you answer that Hollywood fake life all of this fantasy alley shit then start pouring into your real life. I don't even know not one Mexican chick so who the fuck are you anyway. Because your mother would never back you up sorry I will and I've always been in my child's life. She's grown now and she can do whatever it is she choose she's not a child.what the fuck you need to do is get your life if figure some things out for yourself. So stay till tonight for the Robin Chyna show once again bitch

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