Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dear Men: 6 Tips On How To Hack Giving Gifts To Your Woman This Season

Ever bought your woman something you thought was nice and expensive and didn’t get the reaction you expected?

Most men feel ill at ease when it comes to picking birthday, valentines’ anniversary and Christmas gifts for their women, but finding a perfect gift that she would appreciate can be the easiest thing – except in extreme cases where she is just too hard to please.

This article lays out 6 tips on what to avoid and follow that would turn you into the perfect gift giving beast and leave your woman in awe every time.

The thought counts
Before picking out that gift, consider her personality type, her interests, her likes; would she love that? Would she really love to have that? Can you picture her happy with that gift? If all the boxes tick yes then buy it.

Never something you admired on another woman
That look she gave you like hmm I wonder where he saw that. Yes, she knew you were not thinking about her when you bought those 6 inch heels, even though you have never seen her wear one ever. Never buy her something just because you thought it looked good on another woman. Even if it cost a fortune she would never appreciate it.

Choose the easy way out
If you are planning to buy a gift for someone you recently started dating or someone you are hoping to date, refrain from going over the top with expensive gift if you have no plans to keep it up. Start with the safe easy gift especially since you do not know her too well yet. Gifts like stud earrings, fancy box of chocolate with wine, a spa treatment, beauty product gift basket, perfume, a dress – preferably LBD, or a purse. Whatever you chose make keep the presentation neat and classy.

Give, repeat, and repeat again
You gave the perfect gift once that got her so ecstatic, and then you gave it again and again and again. Please make it stop! She might not say that to your face, but she definitely feels that way if you have been giving her the same fabric in different colours, a wrist watch every birthday or the latest iPhone every year Christmas gift. Even I would love that, but hey it takes out the surprise, suspense and all the warm feelings that comes with receiving a gift. Use the first tip in this article and surprise her this holiday.

Value is never about the price
It is not always about how much you spent on the gift but what value the gift adds to her. Imagine speeding so much on something she would never use! If only you took the time to think about what she wants. For that 100 grand you spent on that extra watch she didn’t really need, there was the work bag she really needed that would fit in all her work stuff, which she has mentioned in several conversations. The beauty in getting something she values is that you did notice. You are thoughtful, and you were indeed paying attention. That scores you points high up there.

Put your ego aside
Never let giving a gift to the woman you love come from a place of proving a point to her. When you do this, you have made it all about YOU and how giving her that gift would make YOU feel. If you plan to give her the perfect gift this holiday make it about HER.

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