Monday, December 12, 2016

How To Quit The Rat Race And Retire Early

Are you tired of waking up early and sitting in traffic for four hours each day? Do you wish you could slow down and enjoy your life more? Are you really excited at work or you’re just passing time to earn enough to pay bills? Then it’s time to quit the rat race and retire early.

Gone are the days when women waited till they turned sixty before they passed on the baton at work. Many women are exploring the option of retiring earlier than their parents did. We now know it’s not how long you work but how much you make that determines how early you can retire. With climbing forex rates in an unstable economic climate, can you really save for the rainy day?

When we were in college, we couldn’t wait to graduate and get the big jobs. When we started work, it was so much excitement the first few years but now we aren’t having as much fun as we anticipated. The traffic is just too much, we get home very tired, there isn’t enough to time for our hobbies or friends. We aren’t really enjoying our jobs and most of us are sleep deprived.

If you drove for two hours to work this morning and another two hours back home in the evening, you would have spent at least forty days of this year on the road. Scary to think about spending all that time doing nothing profitable but sitting behind a wheel moving from one point to another.

If you want to quit the rat race and retire early then:

Buy Your Own Home – If you continue to live in someone’s house, you’re working for that person. You really haven’t started working for yourself till you stop paying rent. Many ladies think they have arrived when they get their dream jobs and they rent an apartment in Ikoyi or VGC. No matter how small or what the location is, buy your home, then you can consider quitting work whenever you feel it’s time to move on. Don’t wait to buy your dream house, buy a house, stop paying rents and then you can save towards your dream home.

Get Married & Have Your Kids Early – Many women are now busy with chasing their dream careers. From pilots to business moguls, the marketplace is teeming with young and bright minds. One day you wake up and find out you’re 40! You own your home, fleet of cars, a budding career but no spouse or kids. When you finally get married at 44, you might be working till you’re 70 to see your kids through college. Striking the right balance is key so you can quit the rat race and enjoy the slow-mo.

Don’t Keep Up With The Joneses – Many people don’t know why they are working. Besides paying for their rent, car payment deductions and DSTV, a lot of the cash is splashed around for holidays, clothes, shoes and parties. If all you earn is spent on short-term frivolities, you might be working till you drop. Savings and investing is a discipline, you either pay the price now or later. Don’t live your life for social media, buying the latest car and taking a loan to go on an expensive holiday in the Bahamas just to post all that on Facebook. Your friends may ‘like’ you today but they’ll laugh at you when you can’t pay your bills during retirement.

Let Your Money Work For You – The owners of the companies we work for don’t wake up as early as we do. Even if they did, they spend a few hours at the gym, pool or just mindful meditation while we navigate our way through a hectic commute to work daily. They have a healthy and nutritious breakfast while we grab a junk snack on our way to work. Many times they work from home keeping up with the high level news while we sweat out our knuckles sorting out the details in a cramped cubicle. If you want to retire early, let your money work for you. Invest in real estate in profitable locations, don’t try to start a new business, explore opportunities for collaboration or partnerships in lucrative ventures.

Follow Your Passion – There’s something you really enjoy doing. You don’t need anyone to remind you to do this certain task, you are so fulfilled when you’re engaged. Sometimes it’s a talent do a particular task like writing or acting. Other times it’s a passion to help the less privileged by providing clean water or medical care to disadvantaged communities. Whatever it is, there’s something that makes your heart skip a beat. If you follow your passion, you’ll quit the rat race earlier than others. You will be more fulfilled and purpose driven.

(Source: Womanng)

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