Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to survive Lagos traffic

It is a new year and going from one place to another involves getting into some form of slow moving traffic or total traffic gridlock.

Too many cars plying the same roads without an effective means of management. Whether you are going to work or going to the next estate. It’s always best to prepare in advance for the traffic jam. So this list is brings to you the essential things needed to survive in Lagos traffic:

This is definitely at the top of the list as a traffic essential. Being in a car for a long period of time especially during the day can leave you dehydrated and thirsty. It’s very important to stay hydrated and avoid having a heat stroke. So never leave the house without arming yourself with that bottle of water. Definitely key advice to stay hydrated-on-the-go!

Lagos traffic is an exception to the rule of healthy living. As much as you might need to snack healthy in the car with an apple or that yoghurt cup size, Lagos traffic is the time and place for that chocolate bar, sausage roll or that pick-me-up calorie bar. You want to be as comfortable and happy as you can for the duration of time that you will be on the road. You need as much energy as you can get to drive effectively and efficiently especially with the “commercial” buses always trying to get to their destination faster than anybody else. The roadside hawkers are there to help you out with your daily snacks. So make yourself happy and SNACK away!

Face Towel/Handkerchief
This essential comes in handy for those of you without a working Air Conditioner in the car. You might need to wipe the sweat off your face one too many times during the course of your daily commute. This essential will come in very handy for that purpose.

Car charger 
This should definitely be one essential to never forget when moving from point A to B. Phone batteries never last for long especially when you are stuck in Lagos traffic for a long period of time. You want to always have your car charger ready to use. If you are fortunate enough to have two cars, I would advise you have two chargers but if you can’t, don’t ever forget the charger in the other car. It’s a painful and extremely regrettably mistake.

Cd/Auxiliary cord
For the shortest time in Lagos traffic, you need that CD you never get tired of playing in the car or your auxiliary cord ready to play out songs from your phone while you drive around. I can assure you music helps. Listening to your favourite tracks might actually get to your destination faster with reduced stress.

This is the last essential on the list but by far one of the most important. Lagos Traffic puts a lot more stress on our automobiles than the manufacturers intended. Between the bad roads in some areas and the ‘accelerate- brake’ cycle, your car is exposed to more wear and tear along with the weather. You need to have the number of at least three to five trustworthy mechanics located all over the state to help with your car troubles whenever and wherever.

All these traffic essentials work together to ease your stay in Lagos traffic. It’s definitely guaranteed to be a long ride sometimes so why not make it as bearable as possible!

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