Friday, February 17, 2017

Paul and Florentin Pogba spoke more tonight than I have to any of my brothers in the last 5 years - Roy Keane fires shots at Pogba brothers

Photo credit:  AP

Man United legend and former captain, Roy Keane, has blasted Paul Pogba and his brother Florentin Pogba for their bromance during Man U's 3-0 win over Saint-Etienne in Thursday night's Europa League clash at Old Trafford.

Florentin, who plays for Saint-Etienne was seen hugging and conversing with Paul at half time and at the end of the match as the pair walked down the tunnel, and Keane, a coach and pundit blasted the pair saying their chat was 'over the top'.

When asked on Thursday night by Jacqui Oatley on ITV's Europa League Highlights show if Paul Pogba chatting to his brother at half-time disturbed him, Keane replied: "Yes.

"The boy, Pogba, he's a bit of a free spirit, a bit of a character. But I think it was a little bit over the top tonight - before the game and at half-time.

"They've spoke more tonight than I have to any of my brothers [Denis, Pat and Johnson] in the last five years. "It's all a bit strange. I think when the game started they were focused on the game.

"But all this stuff before and after the game, [it's] a lot of nonsense - but that's the modern player, I'm afraid."

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