Saturday, April 22, 2017

Actor Emeka Ike continues bashing his ex-wife and followers

Coming after his  "rats also make babies" post went viral, and public defence of the post, nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has continued running down his ex-wife and mother of his children on Instagram. The actor had time to reply any follower, who slammed him for disrespecting his ex-wife.

He disclosed that he was granted custody of his 4 kids, because he was far much a better parent than his wife.
Here are screenshots, of what went down on his Instagram page today;

Here is also an interesting conversation he had with a follower;

@HERROYALHUSHNESS @emekaikeofficial Why all these sentimental talks ? Any woman or man who abandons VULNERABLE KIDS, whether at home, beside a gutter, by the stream, by a litter bin is not a MOTHER , i repeat and with no appology to those ranting feminie jagons. No real mother or father does that. There was no battery extablished in the court. Only face book scandal. If the kids hv no record whether at home or school of any abuse, who then has it?

Her face book friends ? Pls, the court knows why they denied a mother her childern o. Abeg make una go ask them why o. Who gives child custody to a man ??? Think up people... Sorry to all real mothers who might hv misconstrued my write up. However, there are rat mothers and fathers o. This is just adultery case turn scandal. From her 1st comments, she claims to hv moved on.... so , people move on immediately, even b4 divorce ? Curse all u care. Real people can read me"

@Emeka Ike: @HERROYALHUSHNESS, U SOUND SOOOO BITTER... even telling people to shut up for u.??? Treathening to take this where u will disecret yourself not me. I can see through ur private account, a faceless BLACKMAILER who has shamelessly fooled a weak mother behind her husband coming on social media to sound modest and learned. I choose to reply u cause u talked about " another good guy who is taking better care of her " in one of ur write ups... thank GOD u accepted there is a good guy behind all THESE DRAMA... u are a lesser man to covet another mans wife n mother of 4 kids to wanna take care of her. U hv no morales.

 Ur bitterness reminds me of the SARS story. U hv tried severally my guy. U are a lesser man cause u are anonomous, private and faked dp as u really are worth. A thief in the night, shameless blackmailer. I ve seen ur blackmailing prowels, dont over flug it. U ordered that woman to leave her matrimony the moment your 2nd attemt failed. Im waiting to see ur rich face. I hear u are a dumb ass rich ritualist.

Money miss road. U can pay bloggers to help u blackmail this guy. Im dropping u this note. Ur sin will find u out one day, whether im dead or alife... U can hv her. I hv an sms that tells how she was blackmailed by u n ur gang with a video.. continue.... na u sabi pass. U Cash in on my patroitic activism to dent my image. Just to hv ur lust. U are a muderer. U failed 2 times. Show ur anger on socail media. Make i no talk cause I be celeb so u can manage ur drama, bah ? U go sabi say mesef ready for u.. mumu wife her my ass... oya post make ur mumu paid town cryers fall out. Whi dey fear u. Asshole

 @HERROYALHUSHNESS Lol! YOU@emekaikeofficial are the one who sounds bitter mr. In addition, YOU are the one who's out of control πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚. I probably struck a cord at the right spot didn't I?. To be frank, you entertain me. Here are three things I Hate though; Wife beaters, Manipulators & Sociopaths. With the way you've concocted lies on faceless me, I can boldly say your wife was right and YOU are the MAIN culprit in the brouhaha you've been feeding us with on social media.

 Are you learned? Cos you sound like an illiterate. Here's a little advice for you, learn to treat your next wife right. You had gold which you treated like shit and now that someone else is treating your ex right, you're coming on social media to emotionally blackmail & feed us with more bullshit by using your kids. I know it's difficult taking care of 4 kids alone .

You probably felt you were punishing your wife by preventing her from seeing her kids...joker πŸ˜‚. Don't worry, your kids will be alright and very soon they'd start sneaking out to find their mother you prevented them from seeing πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„. It's a good thing women are beginning to stand up against abuse and maltreatment. I know it hurts but trust me, you'll be fine πŸ˜†.
@herroyalhushness O I also hate cheats that hate being cheated on. If you can dish it out, you should be able to eat it πŸ˜†

@ emekaikeofficial Now its clearer who u are... u hate cheats. so u were cheated on n now u hv to cheat in revenge?, u are a sorry case n funny ass. Just read urself again and read my last comment to u. To u this is a movie right??? Dont forget that u wrote the 2 criminal scenes n it will catch up with u someday, however u hide behind your " wife beater " Facebook scandal to harvest ur kill, bah ? I know where im legaly waiting for u. U will regret u tried these with me. Leave the sick woman, even court officials used unfriendly words at her. How will she understand when u blackmailers has used her against herself... GOD WILL PAY U for me ...amen

@emekaikeofficial You will avoid answering my questions cause u cant get around it...WILL A FEMALE WELFARE COURT GIVE child custody to your so described wife beater, manipulator & sociopaths and forget your good woman, battered mother, picture uve been trying to paint? U dragged him to welfare and court, baah??? So, why did the 2 courts not award her??? She was behaving incoherent n u know why. Shes incommunicado, u know why.

You gave her a senior advocate of Nigeria to come for a divorce case cause u are bent on doin everything to fraustrat "that" marriage. Which man will turn back at a woman who has given him only social menese like these??? Dont worry, I know why I still hv u in court...keep up the face book blackmail, YES im a STAR!!! ngbayenko ??? n u are a piece of shit in my meal, a mare CRIMINAL... well done. Enjoy ur kill... celebrate ur moni... NIGERIANS WILL HAIL U soon ... 

@herroyalhushness Lol!  Miserable men who think the world revolves around them coming to masturbate under my comment πŸ˜†. You don't know me, and you dont have me in any stupid corrupt court of yours. Besides everyone knows how corrupt the system is in Nigeria. Justice can be BOUGHT. You should have tagged me so i'd give you a piece of my mind on time. You described your ex as "sick" and "weak".

That goes a long way to show how you really saw her in that hell she was in. You think women are slaves that you can treat anyhow and get away with it because you think they are powerless and you have more money & societal privilege than they do. Only for the women to come out stronger by empowering themselves either by will or by people who know their worth and you come online to cry foul and spew bullshit expecting us to swallow your emotional blackmail hook, line & sinker πŸ™„πŸ™‚. Didn't work dude, try something else.

You beat up your wife but that's not enough. You cheated on your wife but that's not enough. You publicly humiliated your wife but that's not enough. You prevented your wife from seeing her kids to punish her but that's not enough. And now she has moved on you cry foul using cooked up lies & emotional blackmail. What stopped you from taking care of your wife and treating her right when you had the chance. NO ONE can destroy a union that isnt already broken from within. Mr, that beautiful ship sailed with your wife long ago. Learn to deal with it like a man .

@herroyalhushness I suspected you've also been through this @c.u.martins πŸ˜†. Don't worry when you finish doing the work, the real owner of the kids would have them. She would not even have to struggle for them. They'd run to'll see πŸ™„. They've got only ONE mother. No matter how you poison their minds while they are young and cannot think for themselves, the truth will come out once they're older.

@emekaikeofficial In the assian world , women like u were stoned to death... same in the old testament.

Thank GOD for JESUS ooo. Chaiii, CIVILIZATION, U still get mouth gather same trade n brand WOMEN to war on social media as WOMEN RIGHTS ACTIVIST just to sail wit ur " beautiful ship that sailed u a long time ago " im sure while u were still married. Shameless adulterer, tell the world... confess to them what really took u out of ur matrimony, tjat " dumb beautiful ship... n u hearthlessly abandoned ur 4vchildren n husband with sm BLACKMAIL to sail smoothly.... U abandoned ur family for that beautiful ship,...long ago bah ? So DOES A BARTED n ABUSED WIFE RUN INTO ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP???

say less, heading staright to remarry n blackmailing ur celebrity husband n 4 kids to hop on ya beautiful ship... no one misses u here my ex- . WE JUSTVWANNA PUT THE RECORD STRAIGHT so u stop derailing my exteemed fan with ur SOCIAL MEDIA BLACKMAILS, U ARE A lier adulterous wife u just as u called URSELF here... a beautiful ship HOPPER in marriage. Onunadinachodi... SOUNDS LIKE HUSSLER ??? CHEAT MAMA ??? UR KIDS WILL NAIL UR COFFIN SOON in all this u must get ur deserved shame cause Nigerians will only know u as an ADULTEROUS WIFE n colored KILLER WIFE. Ur case is waiting for u .

U WILL EITHER CONFESS OR FACE JAIL... BEAUTIFUL SHIP MY ASS... I will pay u for all the women that killed their innocent husbands. Ur beautiful ship has met a storm. Just wait... this is open to all Nigerians now that their are killer wifes on RAMPAGE and u are a club member. I KEPT QUIET now u'll get it with ur failed wifes group. Women standing for who ??? A cheap classless woman? Its not about the SEX, its about the person. THIS ONE HERE WILL SHOCK THE WORLD. I WILL EXPOSE THIS KILLER wife star or not... eeegba!!!

@herroyalhushness  Lol! No STUPID this is NOT your wife. But you sound really hurt, take a chill pill. from your rants and talks on social media, I believe your wife is better off where she is though. Cursing her will NOT affect her wherever she is because she seems to be the innocent one in this whole case. Kai, You talk like a child. A little bully who oppresses people and still thinks he is right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. NOTE TO YOUR EX WIFE: Woman, you try o! If this is what you were living with for 17years I carry "Ike" up for you.

Whoever you are and if you are reading this, you are better off without this CONGENITAL LYING LUNATIC. This one na tout o! What did you see????Kai! A well known adulterer that thinks he has the moral standard to pin his acts on an innocent person. A well known bully even in his industry thinks he has the moral standard to decide how a woman should take abuse(probably till you die...I reject it for you ma). He actually believes in his little skull that he is SUPERIOR to women and blames civilization for giving women like you the strength to stand up against abuse...kai! His case is worse than I tot but you will be fine.

This gender-inequality holdout has positioned himself as the one in charge of the segmentation of women like you into an unequal relationship starting from his home. I know what women with such evil as partner go through and I say YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE BUT A WINNER. The only side of this story we've heard is his side. Please remain as quiet as you are on this case because we know once you give your own version, it'd be total annihilation on this "stars" career. On a final note madam please do whatever you can to get those kids even if it is shared custody. It might be hard but DO IT because he seems to be feeding them with poison against you!

@emekaikeofficial Lier...can satan every say anything true? the information u give us, gave u out, my dear coded blackmailer. Ur interest in this case is numero uno... "sociopath " as if we dont know who learnt only that word from unilag... keep fooling yourself... u wont excape easy into ur beautiful boat my dear... u n ur man has a case to answer to.

 I await ur beautiful boat pilot. Na em give u brazen impetus. Shaaa the world now knows u went after a beautiful ship... not a denied wife but a GREEEEEEDY POVERTY mentality born. Any girl who has a fathers name to protect will not come this far. We know why... continue... ishe ile...

 @herroyalhushness I know you wish i were your wife but unfortunately, her silence is deafening to the media as well as myself. You see why women are encouraged to be empowered in this day and age? Thank God for people like this "Star" everyday because there'd be nothing to refer to as the consequences of not having your own which is SLAVERY.

 If this man's wife had her own money from the start instead of depending on his money and status, her children will be with her and not taken away. No judge in his right senses would hand over 4 kids to a man except a corrupt one. And as we all know, Nigeria is the den of corruption πŸ™„πŸ™„. With money you can buy anything.

@emekaikeofficial How about the welfare women who had a shouting bout with the insensitive , stoned blackmailer? Why did they refuse u??? Dont worry, your surporters will soon visit u in jail. Abuse me but not my kids... continue

@emekaikeofficial A senior advocate of nigeria lead a team of lawyers, to divorce u from ur family, got judgement behind oir lawyer. Which angered him. Yet, we bribed the judge and welfare women ... pls fire ur SAN... shows he is dumb like u.

@herroyalhushness May you find peace mr πŸ’†just the way your wife has found peace wherever she is πŸ™. Nwunye, biko gba oso...inugo πŸ™„

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