Thursday, April 6, 2017

#BBNaija: Don't be st*pid, vote for the best and most entertaining- Ex BBA contestant, Tayo Faniran advises Nigerians

The former Big Brother Africa housemate gave the advice in a post he shared on his IG page. He said the most entertaining contestant deserves to win the N25m in the Big Brother Naija competition ..

"Big brother is the biggest tv/entertainment show in Africa. I see a lot of people being manipulated because they don't know what they should look for in their winner. Nigeria you are known to have always complained about
being unfairly treated on the BBA platform but what if#BBNaija was like a ball placed in your own pitch as a test to see how you play it out, should we be unfair to ourselves as a Nation or even as individuals? ..I have been through this road before and I can say the audition process is 10 times harder than what you watch on tv for 90 days as big brother and his crew operates with a very strict and merciless attitude during the audition stages, making it really clear that they want nothing but the most entertaining and vibrant characters to make it to being on their show. With highly pressurizing demands to enjoy watching the housemates for good 90 days, it should be clear enough to us that the winner should be no one else but who has being the most entertaining. Look at it this way, this show is not going anywhere o,one day it may be your child whose fate will be placed in others hands just as you have these housemates fate in your hands today or just imagine 14 of the kind of the housemate you are voting for this week to fill up the house next season because other kids out there watching now waiting for the opportunity to be selected next season so if they find their role model in the person that wins this season,what would we expect to keep us glued to our screens during the next one,so vote wisely,be fair,be true to yourself,don't be manipulated or confused. if you didn't watch the show ask questions from those who followed through before you cast your vote,DON'T BE ST*PID, VOTE FOR THE BEST AND NOT SENTIMENT".
Ex-BBA contestant;Tayo Faniran

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