Saturday, April 8, 2017

#BBNaija: The God of Nigerian Christians must be really bored, OAP Freeze reacts to viral video of some people praying for Efe

OAP Freeze took to his instagram page to condemn the viral video which shows some group of people praying for Big Brother Naija contestant Efe.
He wrote;

For a brainless secular show, where married men are sleeping with other women and denying their wives existence?-Held in a country where your brothers are being slaughtered merciless and you call upon JESUS? To answer #BBNaija-The God of Nigerian Christians must be really bored to have time to attend to this ridiculousness!-πŸ™„it's what to expect of a hungry third world nation where joblessness has taken over their lives!πŸ™„-In a country with this many issues this is what you choose to pray for?πŸ™„ ~FRZ -
Watch the video:

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