Monday, April 10, 2017

#BBNaija: Nigerian man throws few questions to BBNaija fans

Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show came to an end yesterday but reactions are still pouring in concerning the show,  a concerned Nigerian and a physiologist, Nwagwu Everest took to his Facebook page to ask few pressing questions he hopes fans of the Reality TV Show can answer.

Here are some questions he asked;

"Few Questions for #BBNaija fans;1. Do you know that the South African economy benefited more from this big brother than the Nigerian economy?
 2. Do you have voters card? If you don't kindly register as registration starts today.

3. I noticed you all did not vote based on tribe or religious affiliation, can you replicate that in the next general election in 2019?

4. Do you know that one of the reasons the show was hosted in xenophobic South Africa is because Nigeria does not have the logistics? (read PHCN) but you all voted based on logistics, can you also vote based on logistics in the coming elections? 

5. Now that you have seen the power of using social media to draw attention to an issue, do you hereby promise to use same to make positive impact in our elections?Thank you and have a lovely week ahead. #Myonekobo"

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