Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Comedian Baba De Baba Pens Open Letter To His Son

Remember comedian, Baba De Baba who was in the news recently for his viral skit where he promoted rape?
He's back in the news again, and this time, he writes an open letter to his three year old son, Daniel where he says, 'I am still single because I am taking my time to get a woman who will love and treat you as her child'.  

LETTER TO MY SON "DANIEL" I don't want to go into the details of how we went to three hospitals before you were born, how the doctor said you won't survive, how I was scolded for taking pictures of the ambulance and the whole process instead of panicking but I told them I knew u would survive and I wanted to keep the pictures for you, or is it the one that the doctor said you would only come out through CS and I told him you would come out through normal delivery and the doctor looked at me and said "do u think we are doing comedy here?"... but God granted my heart desire and you were born on the way to the theatre for operation. You have also made me happy by carrying the first position in your class. although your teacher has complained that you talk too much but I still love u. hahahaha I am basking in the euphoria that you are my son. I write to let you know that my love for you will never dissipate and for that reason: * I have refused to be depressed in order not to expose you to sad looks because you can ask questions for Africa.. " dad y did u greet that man two times?. dad why do u have three phones and one laptop?" hahahaha * in hard times, I didn't see suicide as an option because I enjoy your presence. * forgive me for the days I spanked you. I did that to correct you. my father also beat me so beating will not kill you... IT IS HOME TRAINING so if you do anyhow, u will see anyhow. hahahaha. * I am still single because I am taking my time to get a woman who will love and treat you as her child. Don't be scared, I may not even get married because most of the girls I meet these days can't cook. As you clock a new year day, God will continue to protect, direct and provide for you. You will not die untimely. You will grow in good health. God will provide all I need to take care of you. You will not join bad gang. You will Excel in all your endeavours. You will not marry a bad wife. You will blow. God will do for you what no man can do for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED SON "DANIEL CHUKWUEMEKA UZOMA" Yours Dad (Baba De Baba)
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