Thursday, April 20, 2017

“Over the past 16 years I have been blessed with a marriage beyond my dreams” – Fela Durotoye gushes

A couple of hours ago on his Instagram page, motivational speaker Fela Durotoye shared a lovely photo of himself and his wife, Tara Durotoye. In the caption for the photo, he let people know that every marriage has its own challenges but that the grace of God can help overcome those challenges.
He says:

Happy Wife … Happy Life. Over the past 16 years, I have been blessed with a marriage beyond my dreams… Now don’t you for a second think @taradurotoye and I don’t have our own challenges; of course we do. It’s just that TFD & I have managed – BY THE GRACE OF GOD – to WORK through our challenges rather than walk out of our marriage because of our challenges. Fact is … a beautiful marriage is designed in Heaven, and built on Earth.

Also talking about a new leadership network he’s anchoring, he added:

So, every Wednesday on The Fela DUROTOYE Leadership Network, I will be sharing everything I know about how to make your marriage jazzy & snazzy and how to keep the flame alive so your marriage doesn’t go up in smoke. I would also be getting people whose marriages have worked for decades to co-mentor & share their secrets that will help to keep your marriage GLOWING & GROWING as you go.  And for those of you on the Network yet to embark on the marriage journey, my commitment is to help you SHINE YOUR EYES and choose right. But our Wednesdays are not just about romance, but really about How to Manage All Your Relationships in totality to become the best fathers & mothers, sons & daughters, in-laws, friends, mentors & mentees. All I want, is to get YOU to become the kind of person everyone wants to connect with, do business with and keep within their network. Even I, am excited about Wednesdays on The Fela DUROTOYE Leadership Network.

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