Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stephanie Otobo releases gospel music video titled 'I depend on You',

Stephanie Otobo, who recently filed a $5m lawsuit against clergyman Apostle Johnson Suleman, in Canada, has released a gospel music video titled 'I depend on you'. The Canadian based lady made news after she was arrested and detained in a Lagos police station sometime in March this year.

She's claiming $5 million in damages resulting from; breach of trust, negligence, defamation, poisoning, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional stress, forcible confinement, multiple instances of battery, fraud, sexual assaults, sexual harassments, harassments and malicious prosecution, their alleged affair has caused her. 

She also asked the court to grant a restraining order on Suleman from contacting and communicating with her, directly or indirectly, in Canada.
Some of the lyrics in the song include; "Oppression, persecution, trying to bring you down, everything in your life running out of control. Your friends and family, they'll abandon you." 
Watch the video below.

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