Friday, April 21, 2017

Veteran actor RMD lists top ten ways you annoy him on Instagram

Ace nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo also known as RMD took out time to do a list of things people do on Instagram that annoys him. You definitely have to read this if you are a huge fan and want to know if you annoy the never aging actor on Instagram or any other social media page. (lol, I promise, you would laugh reading this)

He wrote:   

"This week on RMD’s Top 10 I share the Top 10 Ways You Annoy Me On Instagram, from “Sliding into my DM” to being disrespectful, unprofessional and other annoying things in between, there are people who daily give me reasons to question having my Instagram account.See if you made the list of the annoying people I find on Instagram as I share my tongue-in-cheek thoughts."
He shared the memes on his website, See them below...

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