Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to run your business on a budget

 I recently started my own consulting business and it's been really good. You know how nice it is to have everyone calling you a business strategist, sales expert etc, getting invitations to speaking gigs, my face splashed all over posters and banners and even on TV.  I leveraged all social media and I could work from home. 

My clients, small business owners like me didn't seem to mind Skype meetings  and Whatsapp calls. Neither did I, it felt so good to be able to run my business without any traditional structures in place.

Until recently.

A corporate organization reached out to me, " Ms. T, we really like what you do and we would like for you to work on a project for us. However, due to the proposed size of the project, our procurement team would like to come and visit your office and meet your team, just as due diligence, no big deal. Of course, you will also be required to submit your company incorporation documents and tax documents to them, so that you can be registered as a vendor.

My God!

Office ke, team ke? LOL!! I had registered a business name so that wasn't a problem.

" Errmm Sir, I actually, err, work from home and I do not currently have a fixed team, I usually go to my clients instead of them coming to me.

" Madam, because of the size of our organization and our procurement policies, you have to have a physical location and at least 2 or 3 staff. This project we want to entrust to you has a relatively large budget and it can't be handed over to a freelancer. 

I couldn't afford to lose this. This was big!! 

"Ok Sir, please sir, just give me some time, I'll sort everything out and let you know".

"You have 1 week Ms T, hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day."

Na wa o. That was how i embarked on project Set up an Office in 1 week.

I started scouring the internet immediately, looking for agents who could find me an office space, simultaneously trying to find office furniture. For staff, I was just going to pull some of my contract staff in, at least until the great procurement visitation happened.

Agents kept calling me with ridiculous offers, the prices didn't even make me go and inspect the properties. Where was i to find 1.5 million to rent an office and pay for for 2 years at once ( N 3M)?? And then it occurred to me- Why not find a suitable co-working space and share an office?

While searching I came across, the price was amazing and almost unbelievable.  N 150,000 monthly for a Serviced Private Office? I didn't have to pay for a year? A Furnished Office with desks for my team members and absolutely Free Printing, in Lekki Phase 1?

I placed a call to find out if the offer was real and visited the facility. Once I checked it out, I made payment immediately. 

It was more than suitable and I was ready to resume work bringing in nothing but my handbag, laptop and files. They even gave me a little sign on my office door with my company name & logo on it. Wow! Talk about a professional image!

I got my team together and since they were also freelance contract staff, they were happy to have somewhere to work from everyday. 

That, my brothers and sisters is how I set up my office in 1 week. I didn't buy furniture, printer, photocopier, modem, Nothing!!

And yes, I got the contract *wink* 

Glendale Work  co-working facility offers fully furnished private offices & work desks with reliable power and high speed internet. 

Visit today at No 4. Babatope Bejide crescent, off Emma Abimbola Cole, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. 

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