Sunday, September 6, 2020

Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo goes underground, avoids media

All efforts to contact Mr Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo have proved futile.  The Lagos based business man and his associates on social media had flooded the internet last weekend claiming that Chief Waheed Eletu Odibo a Lagos White cap chief and prince of the Eletu Odibo royal Family tried to defraud him of 250,000 hectares of land in lekki. His associates also claimed on his behalf that Mr Yemi Idowu a respected property developer had colluded with Prince Eletu Odibo of depriving him of his birthright.  

These allegations were quickly debunked at the weekend by Prince Eletu Odibo and Mr Yemi Idowu in separate press releases.  

Many social media outlets were quick to pick up the stories before it was discovered to be fake news.

Ramon Ibrahim, an estate agent confirmed that Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo had a dispute with Eletu Odibo royal family over 3 plots of land he bought 15 years ago and the matter has been  in the civil court for years. ,"It seems Mr Patrick has now resorted to other methods to blackmail the Eletu Odibo royal family to resolve the dispute"

All efforts to contact Mr Patrick Ononenyi Okonkwo over the weekend proved futile thereby creating the impression that he has gone underground to avoid further press scrutiny.

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