Friday, June 17, 2016

10 Annoying Things That Happen on Whatsapp

Whatsapp has replaced SMS as the easiest way to communicate, simply because it’s cheap and doesn’t “chew” data.

But here are things that happen on there that we all hate with a passion.

1. Broadcasts 
Don’t we all hate them, especially during festive seasons and occasions, you see people broadcasting the same message a million times, even people that are not on your list.

2. Adding you to groups without your permission 
Nothing is annoying that waking up to over 200 messages or notifications simply because someone added you to a group you have no idea of.

3. Unknown number calling you
Anyone with your number on their whatsapp can call you, even numbers you do not know

4. People only reach out as soon as you change your display picture (DP)
That is when you start hearing “ei! you are chilling without me“, “are you in town?“, “when did you travel that you didn’t tell me“, “I like your hair girl“, “where is that“? … the gossips just start pulling out their necks.

6. Anyone can message you
Whatsapp works in a way that, when someone adds you as a contact on their phone, they automatically become your Whatsapp contact. This has made it possible for every Tom, Dick and Harry to reach out to you, even when you do not know them personally.

7. Display picture theft
Folks on Whatsapp who like to use creative and catchy dps are always stolen by others. Next thing you know, your fun picture you took is being used by someone and purported to be them.

8. Annoying status messages
Some try to be funny in their statuses others just are just full of crap, every Sunday, you see everyone updating about God, Sunday afternoon, about beach, Monday morning is about how people hate their work or the usual cliched status; “Monday be nice”, during the start of a new month, “Happy New Month” .. they just never end 🙄🙄

9. Made-up hashtags
Since Twitter made #Hashtags popular, Whatspp addicts have tried to replicate it on the platform .. they just #hashtag every damn thing … #food #quiteday #office #moneyonmymind .. really?

10. Dry jokes
Nothing is more annoying than dry and cliched jokes being rotated around on Whatsapp.

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