Friday, June 17, 2016

8 Things To Buy Your Nigerian Father For Fathers' Day

In case you had no idea, Father’s Day is on Sunday! Yes, this coming Sunday! The day that celebrates all the wonderful fathers around the world. This is also the perfect day to gift your father or a loving father you know such as your husband, brother, uncle, friend etc as a sign of appreciation.

The million dollar question, however, is always ‘what do I gift a dad?’ luckily, particular cliche gifts will work for any man albeit, be sure to get a gift that’s true to the person you’re gifting; a gift that gives the reaction of ‘this is so me’.

Have you bought daddy dearest a gift yet? If not, fret not, we have some ideas that could work for any dad out there:

1. Shoes
Almost every man doesn’t mind a new pair of shoes. It’s always a perfect gift to give. So you have a few days to get his shoe size and get him a new brogue or boots, or whichever one you think he needs to add to his shoe closet.

2. Cologne and Deodorants
He has to smell nice always, so you can invest in colognes, perfumes, and deodorants for him. You can go for the very expensive perfumes and leave a lasting effect on everything (him and his body inclusive)

3. Watches
Some men are not the watch people, so you have to be sure he loves watches. Go for them too! Men that like watches can never have enough. They’re like shoes really.

4. Grooming Kits
Grooming kits normally have trimmers, clippers,  and other shaving presents and are very necessary for men, especially if yours is a member of the beard gang nation.

5. Agbada
Because agbada nation is for all and sundry, men of different ages and sizes and all are welcome to become card-carrying members. All you need is a crisp looking agbada and you’re in.

6. Cufflinks
He wears a lot of shirts to the office yeah? Then gift him some really nice cufflinks. If it’s anything and to earn more cool points, have a special message or inscription on it.

7. Shirts
How can he have new cufflinks without a new shirt? Accompany the cufflinks with new shirts and make him sparkle on Monday morning when he decides to show off his gifts.

8.Customized football jerseys
If he’s a football fan, then this is perfect! Get the position he loves, get his nickname and get a good jersey with these details inscribed on it.

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