Tuesday, June 14, 2016

4 ways drinking can destroy your relationship

When drinking becomes a problem in any relationship, it turns it upside down and couples may eventually split as a result.

Drinking too much is one sign of having a personal problem and when it becomes a habit, it destroys everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve and could result in health-related issues.

1. You become different after hitting the bottle
It’s easy to become aggressive and angry when drunk because that’s what excessive alcohol does to you. This in turn causes a strain in your relationship especially when you pair it with violence.

2.  You place alcohol over your partner
You spend more time with a drink in your hand than with your lover. That’s really dangerous to your relationship. Forgetting important dates with your loved ones or skipping activities together would drive both of you apart.

3. You chat more with alcohol than your partner
Excessive intake of alcohol can destroy a healthy relationship. The ability to communicate well with your partner breaks barriers and you shut yourself out when you fail to communicate. An alcohol abuse problem in a relationship is the end of it.

4. Your sex drive decreases
Dispensing energy drinking alcohol decreases your sex drive because it’ll completely stop you from properly expressing love to your partner which becomes a problem as time goes on.

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