Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 bad habits/hygiene that can ruin any friendship/relationship

There are people you call friends who constantly irritate you whenever they come close to you and that's because they don’t take care of themselves properly.

We are taking a look at three bad hygienic habits that can ruin relationships/friendships.

1.) Mouth Odor
This is a major problem which doesn't just break up couples but ruin friendships. If your friend - being a him or her - doesn’t take care of their mouth - teeth and tongue - it's a big problem on communication. Whether in public or private you find yourself avoid talking to this person at close range. In time, you will avoid this person at all times because of their mouth odor.

2.) Bad eating habits
Have you ever had that friend you avoid going to the restaurant with? You often get scared he/she will embarrass  you with the way he eats. Some just can't stop eating. Others just can't eat without making loud awful noises. For some, food just keeps dropping off their mouth unto their clothes. You will just find yourself running away from these people careless if they've ever been close to you.

3.) Over grown armpit hair
I hate hair under the armpit and don’t know if I can stand an over grown armpit. It's disgusting and no matter how close you are to me, I will always want to jet off. The reason being that it will give an awful body odor - which another major turn off in relationships!

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