Monday, June 13, 2016

5 Married male entertainers every groom wants to be like

There are several reasons why a man will decide to get married. Besides his impeccable love for his bride-to-be, he also gets inspired by someone to take that next bold step of his life.

I've come across some guys who tell me their fathers sat them down one day to ask, "my son the clock is ticking. When are you getting married?" But whether we agree or not, most of the guys have been inspired greatly by stars!

Top successful male entertainers have indirectly helped many grooms make life-long decisions be it business, love or career in general. Today we are highlighting five incredibly talented black celebrities who inspire men-about-to-wed around the world.

1.) Will Smith
This 57-year-old actor is known around the world for his big blockbuster movies including Independence Day, Men in Black, Bad Boy and Hitch but hey, which groom doesn’t want to feel like the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'? He's not only funny and handsome but has been married to one woman for over two decades! His wife, Jada Pinket claims he's the best husband in the world and an amazing dad to his three children. If grooms and even married men don't want to have Smith's life then who will?

2.) Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
His is one of Nigeria's most stylish men. There's no list of sexiest Naija men that doesn’t carry his name. Ebuka's ability to wear anything has made him the best suit wearer in Nigeria. He recently tied the knot with girlfriend, Cynthia Obianodo and their expecting their first child together. But be reminded that his suits and their fitting give grooms ideas on what to wear to their weddings, dinners, red carpet events and wherever.

3.) Jay Z
He's a Hip Hop god and even calls himself H.O.V! Only someone with full of confidence, power and a fat bank account can make himself bigger than his counterparts. Jay Z moved from a drug distributor to a multi-millionaire thanks to his incredible business decisions and determination to be successful. He's been married for close to eight years to singer Beyonce and is undoubtedly a great dad to his daughter, Blue Ivy. Grooms can definitely relate to his rap icon.

4.) Noble Igwe
The word "impossible" doesn't exists in his dictionary. There's nothing he's put his mind into and failed.  Igwe is about his wed but Nigeria just can't wait to see what he'll wear. He has become a trend-setter in men's fashion and is not afraid to air his opinion through his famous blog, 360 Nobs. Shouldn’t we agree that his open mindedness has landed him big deals with the corporate world and his one of the most famous and valuable career builders and influencers Nigeria has ever seen.

5.) IK Osakioduwa
He's liked by all yet he keeps his cool like no other. The popular TV host/MC has hosted Big Brother Africa for close to six years, has remained one of the best voices on Rhythm 93.7FM, Nigeria and a renowned host for some of the most-talked about events in the country. The 'Highlight With IK' host has a successful marriage and has been able to balance his spiritual and social lives just fine. Grooms see him as "perfect man" even though he'll tell you, "I'm just like every other man out there".

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