Monday, June 13, 2016

Dear Women: 5 Things you must always have in your bag during this rainy season

We have the rainy season; that magical time when the clouds and rain drops quarrel and the rain drops decide to constantly visit Nigeria.

Having a social life in the rainy season is difficult except you’ve got a car. Even going out when it rains is hard if there is no ride to back you up.

Don’t worry, I’ve got all you upcoming rich ladies covered. Here are 5 things you must always keep in your bag to ease the stress of rainy Nigeria:

1. Portable Umbrella
This is a big must have because the rain can start at any time. It would shield you if you can’t find shelter immediately the rain starts.

2.  Rubber sandal/slippers
Nobody has money to be changing leather shoes and sneakers in this harsh economy. A rubber sandal or slippers can fit in your bag and will make an appearance once it starts raining. Rubber sandal will be the saviour of your shoes this season.

3.  Shower cap/Bonnet
This is essential for the days when the rains decide to invite their crazy brother, the wind to the party. If it gets windy (which it will), you would be glad of a bonnet protecting your precious weave/hair. Even famous celebs rock the hair bonnet for rainy season.

4.  A small towel
How are you going to keep your clothes and yourself dry after being in the rain if you don’t keep a small towel to help you with that? A small towel is a life saver this wet season.

5.  Small bottle of body lotion
If you want to keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful, a small lotion or moisturizer will help you maintain the suppleness of your skin.

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