Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Things you would Learn from attending a Nigerian university

Nigerian university life isn’t all fun and games.

University is a really serious time in the life of any student. If you’re Nigerian, a university is much more than a serious period in your life. It is the period where you leave all your childhood behind and become an adult.

Nigerian universities view themselves as breeding grounds for academically and morally sound youth. While the university may not teach you morals, the hostel life involved will.

Here are a few things many of us learnt while living in university hostels:

1.  Co-operation
Ever been in a situation where the entire hostel or floor had to donate food items so some people can make general food because everyone is flat out broke? The amount of co-operation when you’re broke in a uni hostel is through the roof!

2.  Tolerance
Everyone gets an extremely annoying neighbour in the hostel. Its a conspiracy I tell you! Imagine surviving with a crazy neighbour who plays loud music in a language you can’t understand during your study time and you didn’t murder them. Kudos for not beating your annoying neighbours.

3.  Arsene Wenger level of economics
The moment you start living on your own in university, you suddenly become more economical. You can’t always call home for money. Trust Naija parents to tell you:OYO lo wa!!
So, you make Arsene Wenger your role model and refuse to spend money on things you need because your account balance gives you joy when it’s in the green

4.  How to say No!
There are  individuals from the “Beggy Beggy Association of Nigeria” living in most hostels. These people can beg for toothpaste, matches, piece of paper, pen, insecticide, even your brain if they can get away with it. They always be like:borrow me that your brain make I run go write exam

5.  Cooking Concoction food
Sometimes when you’re so broke that all you have in your pockets is lint. You suddenly become an inventor in the kitchen. Palm oil jollof rice, water soup are some of the curious food inventions students have been known to live on.

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