Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Best 6 Food Combination to Come out of Nigeria

As a Nigerian, our food is awesome. Best in the world. When the Nigerian creativity jams food, we make magic. We’re steadily pushing the boundaries when it comes to food.

These food combination are one of the best innovations to come out of Naija:

1.  Beans and Corn
This is probably one of the best combos ever. And it looks amazin

2.  Plantain and Fish Sauce
People in Port Harcourt have been eating this for ages. The taste will have you joining in.

3.  Pap and Akara
Milo may claim to be the breakfast of champions, but pap and akara (bean cake) are the real breakfast of Nigerian champions.

4.  Ijebu Garri and Akara
Ijebu garri and akara with some chilled water is no respecter of person, wealth or status. This is one combo every true Nigerian eats.

5.  Yam and Egg Sauce
Another breakfast option most people in Nigeria can frown at especially on Saturday or Sunday mornings

7.  Egusi soup and Pounded Yam
Egusi is one soup most Nigerians can agree on. Paired with the King of Nigerian “swallow” Pounded Yam, this is one amazing combo.

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