Thursday, June 16, 2016

5 ways Nigerian girls can get their men

Not all men are the same, so you may have to master your techniques to match his personality, after all you know him way better than we do.

The principle of seduction is quite different from flirtation but it applies to every man. It all boils down to just hitting one hidden switch to turn him on.

Sometimes, if not most, the switch could be triggered with nothing but your personality and conversation skills and at other times, it can be your smile, looks, a killer stir and or a mistaken touch!

1.) Scent of a woman
A woman's scent can drive a man crazy. So many men would admit that one of the most powerful characteristics of a woman that turns them on is her scent. Her scent is one of the most potent subconscious influence that affect any man's judgement about sex. Simply endeavor you use perfumes that are not so strong and always target your pulse points - wrists, behind your ear, knees, ankles, elbows and around your neck. Make your perfume yours - something he can easy recognize anywhere he is.

2.) Be confident
Shine like a super model and gaze at him like a mistress. Be assertive, you know what you want, make sure it looks like you know how to get it. Do not over-do it but don’t look weak either. Stay off being arrogant – men often get bored when they aren’t the ones doing most of the talking. So let him talk and be super attentive. Maintain a good posture, arched back and shoulders backwards.

3.) Don’t be too slutty
Don't look too desperate either. Most men get turned off when women reveal a lot more than what they are hiding. A classy dress which shows a little, makes you look glamorous and maybe reveals a leg or two will drive him crazy over a romantic dinner. Make sure you are wearing some sexy lingerie underneath though… who knows what happens later.

4.) Romantic rendezvous
A meeting at his favorite spot can be a fun hangout for him but don’t do it all the time. Choose places with minimal distractions so your man can focus on you alone, such as restaurants or a candle light dinner with some soothing music… his favorite genres.

5.) Kill him with your eyes
Look at him when he’s not looking and turn away when he finds you staring at him – cover it up with an embarrassed smile. Do this on repeat. He'll notice.

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