Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dear Women: 5 Types of Men you Should Consider Getting Married Too

Are  you looking for a guy that you could spend your life with? Well, while no man is perfect, there are a certain type of men that are worth dating and likely to stick with you for the long term.

If you know a man that possesses the following personality traits, characteristics and skills, then you should definitely take your chances with him.

1.) Confidence
A man with confidence is a sexy man. There is something very sexy in  a man that is comfortable in his own skin. His confidence shows that he knows he is able to provide for you and will do everything in his power to ensure he never lets you down.

2.) A good sense of humor
Having a partner that can laugh at the worldly stresses is a huge must-have. Men with this quality are able to help you de-stress and they even liven up your world. In the long-run it might be a great idea to have a partner that shares your sense of humor and is able to turn your frown upside-down.

3.) Has an earning potential
Wanting a man that earns good is not a bad thing and it does not make you materialistic. In fact it makes you practical. A guy that has an earning potential is more likely to be able to provide for you, and be free from the complexes that might hinder his and your growth. Financially stable men are more likely to be confident and good providers.

4.)  Responsible
Above all a man should be responsible in regards to what he says and does. Responsible men are definitely not going anywhere. They won’t take the commitments they made to you lightheartedly and definitely try their best to honor them.

5.) A great romancer
Be it in bed or outside, men that are able to romance you will definitely leave you feeling more fulfilled and sexy. They’ll make you feel important and special–exactly like you deserve

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